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Hein-Willem Leeraar and research

Together with its partners Hein-Willem Leeraar is engaged in innovative and experimental projects and developments in agriculture. The investigation of maize under film as a promising new cultivation technique is a good example.


Growing maize under film

More people than ever in the Netherlands are becoming acquainted with the increasingly popular process of growing (forage) maize under film. The press reports about the process are also progressively more encouraging, particularly now that we know the first test results were so positive. If you are wondering about the cost-effectiveness of growing (forage) maize under film at your farm, then please arrange an appointment; we will be pleased to visit your farm and provide personal advice!

The following experts made presentations about this subject:

  • Maize as the cow sees it, mr. Grootoonk
  • Presentation NMI through Wim Bussink, researcher at the Nutriënten Management Instituut in Wageningen.

The Maize under film project was financially supported by the province of Fryslân.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.


Other R&D projects of Hein-Willem

Examples of R&D projects that Hein-Willem Leeraar & partners were involved in include:

  1. 1995-2000: Research studies of various varieties and setting up demo plots (forage maize)
  2. 1999: Organised and coordinated cultivation research of ‘forage kale’ among 16 dairy farmers in North-Netherlands, in collaboration with Advanta Vanderhave.
    You can find photos of this research at the bottom of this page.
  3. 2000: Supervision of bachelor degree student Yvonne Kapitein’s graduation thesis:   ‘a description of the cultivation of forage kale’
  4. 1998: Comparative research into environmental measures in five European countries; measures that are geared towards restricting nitrogen and phosphate use in agriculture;
  5. 2004: Research into molybdenum effects in two dairy farms in Southern Ireland.2009 World Bank Project: research into sales potential of eco-beef, from livestock raised in Latin America
  6. 2010: Initiating manganese research in collaboration with NMI; low manganese in soil results in low manganese in crops.
  7. 2014: Research on the effect of magnetization of spray liquid in potatoes, in cooperation with Agricultural Magnetics Ltd and PPO WUR.
    Click here for the report.
  8. 2014: Research on the effect of magnetization of spray liquid in wheat, in cooperation with Agricultural Magnetics Ltd and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk. Click here for the report.
  9. 2016: Research on drift reduction, in cooperation with MagGrow Nederland B.V and PRI-WUR.

The results of the said R&D projects were communicated and made known by means of lectures, excursions, visits to study clubs and reports.