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You’re a farmer and you have questions about investments, financial planning or a foreign project. Whether you are considering a business division or acquisition. Hein-Willem Leeraar & partners advises farmers about money. We help farmers for years with great success.

Together with its authorized partners  Hein-Willem Leeraar is engaged in innovative and experimental developments in agriculture. The research on maize under film as a promising new cultivation technique is a good example.


About Hein-Willem Leeraar

Experienced and result driven

My name is Hein-Willem Leeraar. I have worked as a consultant for agricultural entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. Before that, I worked in the international agricultural education (International Agricultural Centre in Wageningen, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) for more than seven years. I then worked for the De Landbouw Voorlichting (Agricultural Extension Service) (DLV), and then as a managing director of the agricultural team of Credion. Since 1 November 2006, I’ve had my own company, Hein-Willem Leeraar & partners.

Our motto is:
Talking about money matters is a matter of trust.
Giving advice on money matters is a matter of knowledge and experience.

The intensity of our involvement in innovation and experimental developments together with various partners and participants is ever increasing. We communicate the results of these R&D activities via publications in various printed media, via internet portals and our own website of course.  A good example of this is the project whereby we investigate the potential of (forage) maize under film as a promising new cultivation technique.



Hein-Willem Leeraar is working together with a few selected knowledgeable partners each having its own specialism.



ALNN analyzes soil, manure and crop samples. The amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, lime, magnesium, copper and manganese determine the right diet: for the animals and for the land.

Together with Hein-Willem Leeraar, ALNN delivers accurate analysis of maize samples grown under film..


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Melkwinning J.A., company of Johan Grolleman, advises farmers about the milking process and the optimal udder health. Melkwinning J.A. assists farmers in solving problems with the milking process or helps them improving it for the future. The cooperation with Hein-Willem Leeraar focuses on animal health and improvement of working conditions.


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The vab is the association for advisors in the agricultural sector. Hein-Willem Leeraar has been active in many leading roles within the organisation.



Priore in Heerenveen knows everything about taxes, financial administration, salary administration and everything related to these things.

Hein-Willem Leeraar often asks for the expertise of Priore in order to realize tax benefits for his customers.



The Irish company Samco  produces 4-in-1 agricultural machines. This machines sows maize seed, spreads fertilizer, sprays herbicides and lays a thin layer of bio-degradable film all at the same time.

Hein-Willem Leeraar is the Dutch agent for Samco. Hein-Willem promotes and sales their film and machines in Holland.


Bogerman is a comprehensive school of youngsters and adults, willing to develop themselves with head, heart and hands.

Three months a year, three hours a week Hein-Willem acts as a guest-lecturer for the subject Management Economics, at 5 VWO ( pre-university level, penultimate year ) . In this module pupils are taught to write a bankable Business Plan. They have to defend their credit-application vis-à-vis an account manager of a local bank. The pupils work in sets of two. The final credit-application they submit touches upon College-level, 4th year.

A number of years already there is a close cooperation between companies in the province of Fryslân with the Bogerman. Hein-Willem acquires from within his business circles assignments, to be carried out by Bogerman students. All this within the framework of their graduation for which they have to present this thesis. Occasionally foreign companies participate.


  • Making a SWOT analysis for a company active in the hospitality sector
  • Market research for a professional soccer club
  • Market analyses in the M&A sector
  • Pros and cons of a cooperation model in agriculture
  • Detecting market opportunities for a sustainable spraying technique in arable farming